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A great wave of new technologies is about to break onto our shore – Internet of Things, 3D Printing, Virtual Reality, Robotics, Driverless Cars, Blockchain – to name but a few!  So perhaps it comes as no surprise to hear some people call this the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’.

Through talking to many decision makers in the SME and public sectors, we know that a major obstacle to adoption of these new technologies is an acute shortage of skills. From technicians through to C-Level executives, there is a scarcity of people at all levels which have any real grasp of what these technologies mean for the future of their organisations.

Always at the frontier of change, Astius has played a pioneering role in raising awareness of new technologies among the SME community. We have achieved this through our technical consultancy services and by organising showcase events for local companies. This means we are uniquely placed to design and deliver a range of affordable, high-quality training courses to you, our customer.

Who we train

Our courses are open to everyone who wants to discover the power of these new technologies:

Individuals: freelancers, career changers, dedicated technologists. Whoever you may be, breathe new life into your CV and gain a professional edge to your career.

Organisations: empower your people with new skills, in order to deliver greater operational savings, create new revenue streams and better serve your customers.

Why train?

According to the respected technology market research company Machina Research, 81% of US companies with revenues >$10m will have deployed IoT solutions by 2018.

We all would like the UK to remain a competitive economy and remain an attractive place for inward investment. But these figures show that PLCs, SMEs and the public sector have a lot of catching up to do!

Widespread uptake of new technologies such as IoT can only happen if there is substantial investment in developing the skills of your workforce. This means both raising awareness of the potential of new technologies and  empowering your employees to harness them for the benefit of your organisation and their own individual careers.

So now is the time for SMEs and the public sector to invest in high quality training.  We maximise your ROI through our philosophy of 'high quality training and an affordable price'.

Don't get left behind! Remarkable opportunities exist for forward-thinking, agile organisations. Many businesses around the world can testify to the truth of this. You could perform even better but first you need to invest in developing a skilled workforce that can deliver on the promise of new technology

What we deliver

So what can you expect from our training courses? You want a great learning experience and value for money. That's what we promise to deliver!

  • Visionary

    By the end of each and every course, delegates will have attained clear vision of the direction in which technology is likely to take them.

  • Authoritative

    Our courses are designed around the needs of working practitioners and taught by industry experts.

  • Inspirational

    Our high quality courses will give you the knowledge and confidence to take the next step in your journey.

  • Excellent Value

    You benefit from our philosophy of designing quality courses, delivered at an affordable price.

Your journey starts here

Are you ready to ride the next great wave of digital innovation? Take your career and your team’s potential to the next level with our innovative training courses.

Make the most of these new opportunities with training from Astius . With your new skills in IoT, Blockchain and Wireless, you will help to create the jobs and industries of the future.

Watch our video

Take a few minutes to view our video (right) about our unique philosophy of training and skills development. Discover why training is so vital to the future prosperity of the UK and what more needs to be done to meet the growing demand for affordable, high-quality courses in IoT, Blockchain and Wireless Communications.

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Current courses

We have a small but highly focused portfolio of courses in development. For your convenience, they will be offered at a variety of locations in the UK.

Course title Duration Summary Availability
Internet of Things (IoT): technology, innovation and policy 3 days A premium introduction to 'Internet of Things' technology, business aspects & public policy View course and book
Blockchain technology for Lawyers 0.5 day Short seminar which introduces Blockchain and 'smart contracts' to legal professionals. Contact us for details.
Business Transformation through IoT and Data Analytics  2 days How to design business models, processes and products/services using IoT data sources Contact us for details


Passionate about skills

Watch this short video about why skills are vitally important to the new digital economy.